Dina Rubiolo

Artist Statement
Making art has taught me to look for connections. In any field, discoveries are made because the seeker willingly approaches a task with the panoramic perspective necessary to link seemingly unrelated variables into relationships from which whole new entities emerge.
I am fascinated with the idea of emergent properties in which the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. My interest in this quality of transformation has been inspired by writings on Deep Ecology, Sensory Integration, Family Processes, and Systems Theory. As an art making strategy, I begin by looking for archetypal motifs embedded in these topics. Motion and gravity, sexuality, interpersonal dynamics, cosmological organization, and humor are motifs consistently found in my work.
Recently I have been working with old 35mm slides in both digitized and physical formats. I have used them to make digital collages, films, woven tapestries, and installations. Evolving iterations of the flat quilt-like screens have morphed into three-dimensional objects. The faded images, linked together, address ideas of time and memory in a domestic environment. They become a visual document of the relationships, connections and context through which we define ourselves.